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Lessons from an Octogenarian

The following in part, excerpt from website.
The man I look up to as a model for successful Christian living, Pastor John Richardson, turns 100 years old this week. He was born July 12, 1912! And as he’s done every year since retirement from full-time pastoral work, he preached a sermon on his birthday week July 8th 2012. I’ve told you the story of his conversion, and that he gave a rousing banquet speech at the CCCC conference when he was 95, but today’s sermon celebrating 100 years of life, and 80 years as a believer, marks a high point for sure. And, to add to the specialness of the day, he was presented just before the sermon began with birthday greetings from Queen Elizabeth.

John’s Sermon …


You can also listen to the audio of John’s 26 minute sermon here delivered at Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly on Isaiah 40:30-31. Wouldn’t we all like to preach such a dynamic sermon as he gave on our 100th birthdays!

Since then John was promoted to Heaven Sunday, October 21, 2012.

John’s career started in Business with the Wincey Mills of Paris for 28 years. During these years he ministered extensively as a lay preacher also using his musical background to its fullest during those years. He was associated with Christian Business Men and the Gideons. In 1959 John went into full time ministry starting in London, Harriston, Stratford and Niagara Falls. In 1978 he came to Waterloo and after many great years stepped down at the age of 84. John lived his faith to the fullest celebrating his 100th birthday ministering to a packed church on July 8th 2012. We will miss you John, & your God given wisdom for our day.

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