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OverFlow Parking at Vineland United Mennonite Church; 4min walk

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20 Church
3994 Victoria Ave.
Vineland, Ontario L0R 2C0
Services Start 11:00am Sundays

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Sunday Worship in Vineland ON - 3994 Victoria Avenue

Next Service Time Sunday 11:00am-Stream at 11:30am

Upcoming Events

No New Members Class: Just Family!

July 31, 2023 11:00-July 31, 2028 00:30 20Church
The Jesus story is filled with how he interacted with people everyday, doing miracles, healing the afflicted and more. He provoked people to consider living their days abundantly. You see his tenderness of heart and his way of looking at the world engaged people to move beyond the boundaries they had set for their life. Jesus pointed out that our perceptions can hold us captive to be less than we can be.

Men’s Breakfast

June 22, 2024 09:30-July 10, 2024 22:00 20Church
In keeping with our dedication and commitment to our Community, our Pastor and some of our men went throughout the community door to door to invite men to a breakfast gathering event with special music in “The Pastor’s Yard”. A great place to gather under the Vineland great trees and in cool breezes. It was a perfect day July 22. There was more than enough food and coffee was plentiful and it was commented by many that notwithstanding the coffee grounds tablespoons count was many times forgotten … coffee turned out great.

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