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"The Storyteller is Coming..."

For years, I travelled overseas to many countries, working along with missionaries, and at times the nationals.
Returning to Canada there was no end of invitations by pastors to visit the local Canadian church congregations.

In the Canadian church I told fresh stories that I garnered from the national workers and from the veteran missionaries. My stories were not ever about my exploits, but my focus was to bring fresh reports from the mission fields that gracious people financially and spiritually supported.

Also on the field I was frequently announced to the people as, “…the storyteller is coming”. In the forthcoming, I will not restrict my ‘stories’ to the mission fields; I have included herein stories for the sake of my posterity, especially my own three children who were always at home with April wondering if dad was OK.

Our son, Dave Jr, passed on his request that quite frankly caused me to initiate this work since many people over the years have asked for the same for their own reasons. “Dad, I wish you would take up the task now to make some z or stories that I can pass on to my grand-children so they can know your journey as well.”

I am also back in the ministry now as each time I have retired, another door has beckoned my entry into the harness, yet again. I am now leading a church that hardly knows my history except for the odd illustration that I might drop in here and there. I am recording herein some of the highlights of my life in a manner that I can put into print my thoughts and my personal events.

Not every story will necessarily be something you are intrigued with. Just move along and hopefully you will discover something of interest on another page.

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