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Today I want to share with you out of the gospel according to Mark. If you want to look up in the scriptures later, you can do so. I’m in Mark chapter 4 and chapter 5. But of course, I’m not going to read all of that to you. I’m just going to begin by reading the first couple of verses in Mark 4. And it says, And he again began to teach by the sea, and a great multitude was gathered to him, so that he got into a boat and sat in it on the sea. And the whole multitude was on the land facing the sea. Then he taught the many things by parables and spoke to them in his teaching. I would first of all begin to tell you a little story about something I experienced that somehow is a little bit of a reflection in some ways in terms of how people respond to a special speaker in different parts of the world.

It turned out that I was invited to go to Kenya and having arrived, a friend of mine picked me up at the airport. In a few hours, we were out in the distance from the city of Nairobi into some very rugged country. And we came upon a village at the base of Mount Kenya. And there we discovered a pastor there by the name of … are you ready for this? Simon Ngugi. I just have fun saying his name. Simon Ngugi. Simon was a very good, very energetic Kenyan pastor who had a beautiful grip of the English language as well as the local tribal languages. And Simon was a pastor. And in fact, he had started not less than five churches. And they were all within a reasonable distance of his little farm. By his little farm, he was able to support himself. And he would go by bicycle to each of these little preaching points. Each place had a very simple little structure of a church. And there he would be the pastor. So Simon Ngugi welcomed us along with his family.

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