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Well this is exciting and I just want to tell you upfront that God is still doing things as he always did and more so and this morning as the praise was just a bounding again and again it put me I brought back a memory that goes back a few years not so many to a camp meeting I preached in Alberta. It was in a big old wooden we called it a tabernacle and it was established just for the people to come in the summer times and gather just a very crude but large building it could hold many people. Well it turned out on this particular week that I was there. I was there for about eight years in a row. They kept on saying let’s have him back and see if he can get it right this time.

And so on this one particular year the crowds were just outstanding that the place was jammed to capacity every night. They had to open the windows all around the sides. They were as large as these. They were just made of wood hinged and they could just drop them down and the people were assembling on the outside. There was no room left in there. The young people were swarming in it was an incredible event. The services were starting at seven O’clock.  I would be worn out by midnight, around the altar as people were slain in the spirit speaking in a in a fresh language that came from heaven young people were taking the microphone, young teenagers were taking the microphone and prophesying over the whole place I would be making my way back to the room because I had to be back in the morning to teach the morning Bible class. 

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