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Father God, for a number of people that are on the roads this weekend from our assembly, and I just pray for your guidance and your protective mercy about them. And for those who might be laid aside this morning, we pray that you’ll strengthen them and put healing into their bodies. Thank you for being in every present help in the time of need. Now Father God, as we deliberate the word of God, and then as we proceed a little bit later in deliberating the state of our congregational situation, we pray, Father God, that you will oversee, you will oversee all things. Let everything this said and done today bring honor and glory to your holy name. Amen and amen. Did you already shake hands and greet one another? Did you already do that? I’m not going to be speaking long this morning as we have some business as a congregation. We’re going to have a family visit this morning talk about the business of the church and just review a few things. But I did feel that I needed to bring a word this morning and I felt the need to bring you an encouraging word. I got up early this morning and immediately turned on the news stations to find out where we were all in the midst of a third world war. I mean, it is so, it is so tense all over the world today. And Iran feels apparently very emboldened by what they perceive as a weak U. S.

And of course they’re very emboldened by all the money that the U. S. gave them billions of dollars so they feel pretty happy today. And so I’ve been listening to various speakers. I love to go on YouTube. I don’t know if you people are using that but it’s an invaluable asset. And so I’m listening to what others are saying and there’s a very, very deep concern about what’s going on. And all I can say is bring it on Jesus. Everything that’s lining up right now is just in line with scripture. I mean, it’s really beginning to unfold. I confess this to you. I may have told you this before. I have a brother-in-law who won’t let this go. He takes every opportunity to remind me. He said, David, I remember he said, you were a young wildfire preacher.

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