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For there has been promised long ago, I believe that Israel is going to start to call upon the Lord. I am really convinced of that. They’re going to start to cry out. And little bits of news are coming out of that country these days. It’s indicating that has already begun. The people who are of the Word, the children of Abraham, know their place in history. They know they’re trying to discover their place in the world. All they want is a little postage stamp piece of property. But the whole world is saying, no, you need to die. That is the push. Even our own Prime Minister is lecturing the Prime Minister of Israel. I find that rude and arrogant. These people are up against it.

There are people running through the streets carrying weapons. They’re out to kill, to maim, and to destroy. And these people are saying, it’s enough. Bring our children home. Bring our people home. And when they say, bring them home, they’re calling Canadian Jewish people. We need you home. They’re calling all over the world, come home. But the big call, of course, is to set our people free. Set our people free who are being held in caves and whatever. So, Heavenly Father, we know that the world is turning against Israel. But at this moment, I boldly declare, that I stand with God’s people. Your Word said, that whoever curses Abraham is in trouble with God. But whoever blesses Abraham is going to be blessed of the Lord.

And so, Father God, I pray this morning for the peace of Israel. I pray for the people who are languishing. I pray for wherever a mother is. Her little baby’s been in a cave or wherever. I think it’s because the child is in its eighth month or whatever. Missing its mommy. Lord Jesus, I pray that you will work some glorious miracles. Lord, we’re not in a position to say who should do what. I just pray that you’ll give the President of that country and the people who surround him and give him counsel. Lord, I pray that wisdom beyond their understanding, wisdom beyond anything that is ever they’ve ever encountered before. Give them your wisdom. Lord, I pray that there will be men around him like the men of his car, for it says the men of his car were men who understood the moment, they understood the times, and they knew what Israel should do.

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