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We never get tired of celebrating good things. I want to celebrate a message this morning. And I want to set this message up, first of all, before I even read the passage and tell you what happened, why these words are coming forth out of the mouth of Moses. This is literally Moses’ last few hours as a human being on the planet. The Lord fills his heart with prophetic words. And all of Israel was comprised of 12 families called the 12 tribes. And the Lord inspired him to prophesy a special message over each of the tribes. Now it’s a lengthy passage in Deuteronomy 33, and I choose not to read the whole passage. But just to remind you he prophesies over every one of those tribes. And it’s worthwhile for all of us to read that passage in Deuteronomy 33, and park your tent for a little bit on each one of those prophecies because every one of them absolutely came true and still so. But he got to the end. He got to the end of the 12th tribe, and he said these words, Asher is most blessed of sons. Let him be favored by his brothers. Let him dip his foot in oil. Your sandals shall be iron and bronze as your days so shall your strength be. That was the concluding message. That was the last try.

And it’s almost like he was coming to the end of this little sermonette. These are the last words that Pastor Moses spoke to his congregation at this point in time was numbering in the millions according to archaeological historical people. It was a lot of people out there, and the Lord had to be amplifying his voice so that all could hear him. And it’s like he came to the end and then another little quickening came, and he now spoke another prophecy over the entire 12 families. This is what he said to all of them. Is there about to continue to embark on a journey now about to cross into the promised land? The promised land was already occupied. This is the piece of land.

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