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The people of Israel that God had chosen indicated to them he was drawing them to a place that he referred to as the Promised Land. He told them long before they got there that there was going to be a specific location where he was going to choose to manifest his glory in a very unique way. And he said it in this way in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 12 and verse 5. You are to seek only the place, Adonai, another one of God’s names. You are to seek only the place Adonai, your God, chooses from all your tribes to put his name to dwell. There you will come. The indication at that point the people weren’t near the Promised Land. They had no idea exactly where it was and they didn’t know where they were going to

live there when they did get there. But God had a plan and he revealed it to the leadership. And so all of what we know of today as Israel was a portion of certain tribes. And so the Lord was saying already back in Deuteronomy, one of your tribes is going to be specially honored. I’m going to honor that tribe because where I give them that portion there’s going to be a specific location where I will seek to bless you. But before Moses, God was already dealing and preparing for that location. And so the Lord called Abraham. This is after he had left Iraq. This is after he had moved into the Promised Land.

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