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This is one of the times when Jesus did something unusual. He gave a contrasting parable. Most of his parables were comparative. The kingdom of God is like this. The kingdom of heaven is like this. But he says this about this judge. An unjust judge would not look after the needs of a lady who came to him. He said, I don’t fear God and I don’t fear man and I don’t care what happened, but this woman is bothering me, so therefore I will avenge her of her adversary. Then he said this.

Verse 8, Nevertheless, when the son of man, cometh, shall he find faith on the earth. That has always challenged me. What did he mean by that? We know all the references to faith. It’s easy to preach on faith.
There’s so many verses in the Bible. Without faith we can’t even please God. So what did Jesus mean after giving a contrasting parable? What did he mean by saying, nevertheless, when the son of man referring to himself returns, will I find faith on the earth?

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