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Speak about the lamb. Had a question this morning from a brother from this church, he asked an obvious question. The lamb, we sing about the lamb. Beautiful songs about the lamb. He said, why a lamb? Why did God choose a lamb to be representative of this wonderful, redemptive process? I’ve never been asked that question before. It’s an obvious question, but it’d never been posed to me quite like that before. Why not some other creature?

The answer is actually quite obvious. There’s no creature on the planet quite like a lamb. They are so cooperative. You could pick it up by the ears and dangle it. And it won’t fight. It’s not known to bite anyone. It is so docile and so quite easily leadable. I spent some time years ago as I started digging into this whole thing about the lamb, the lamb, the lamb. I went and saw a fellow who operates a farm for sheep. In British Columbia, it was. I went to his barn, he took me in, and I just said, I’m a preacher. I want to know as much as I can about the lamb. Because I said, the Bible’s all about a lamb. And I said, I want to learn what I can. And I won’t bore you with all of the intricate details that I learned that day. But this man truly loved his sheep. He did. Jesus talks about sheep, talks about being a shepherd. He talked about what a shepherd will do for its sheep. Told a story in Luke 15 about a shepherd who risked his life for one lamb.

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