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I’m really feeling in my heart a very strong compulsion to launch into a very unique kind of ministry here at our church. It shouldn’t be unique. In the book of Acts, there was nothing unique about it. Every time people got together in an assembly to worship the Lord, they anticipated that although Jesus had gone up to be with the Father, he said, lo, I’m with you always. And he said, if you ever doubt that, the Holy Spirit, the comforter, he’s the other comforter. He will always be with you. He will teach you all things. And when they came together, they honestly anticipated there’d be wonderful things. 

So when you read in the book of Acts, and you go through the epistles, the concept of God intervening in people’s lives was a common occurrence. But as the centuries went on, and very wise, good, biblically inclined people came to the surface and began to research the scriptures, and they were wonderful teachers. They had a great following, but they started to consider interpretation of certain verses, certain passages, certain theologies based on their personal experience. So if they hadn’t experienced thus and so, they would find a way to sort of explain away something that the church had heretofore been accustomed to. So it began apparently with Calvin. Now Calvin was an incredible church leader, incredible. And the marks of his abilities, his skills, and what he did for God in those days, nobody would ever question it. And still with us today, Calvinism. And Calvinism is an understanding of theology a little different than ours. 

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