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I’m uncertain of the details of this story, but it’s been told to me by some of the oldest from this congregation that the Pauls played a significant part in this church life some years ago. I don’t know all the details. And I think I passed by what I heard to Joanne and she said, let’s not quite that way. I heard that they came and they actually lived in this village or somehow with some of our people, but I don’t know if that’s accurate. But I do know that the Pauls brothers sang here. I know that that was an important feature of this church back in the day. So this is Joanne Pauls. And I know most if not all of her family, and there are others in this church here this morning who also know the Pauls family. So this was a great honor when I was assisting in the church in Hamilton called Bethel. Joanne was among the young people that were there. And I remarked to somebody a couple of days ago how much I appreciated it when she responded and I would ask her for the youth meeting tonight, will you play the piano? And if she was going to do that, we’d move into the auditorium, and we sort of all position ourselves around the piano. And Joanne would lead us into the heights. She would just lead us in such a beautiful, beautiful way. We had some of the most wonderful times of worship. Joanne has had a wonderful time musically, but also she’s developed a speaking.

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