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Is that an unsettling statement? It’s a biblical one. And I’ll share with you my thoughts in just a moment. I want to set the stage in terms of Christianity in the midst of a transient culture. What used to be acceptable is now considered racist. What used to be acceptable is frowned upon.

What used to be oddly immoral and pathetic to the general population is now celebrated as it’s normal, get over it. Cancel culture. It’s something that happens in social media, texting, tick-tocking, racebooking. An individual in cancel culture acts or speaks in a way that is unacceptable to some. And therefore that person because they said or their demeanor indicated that they disagreed with a certain fashion, disagreed with a certain function of society, that person is canceled, they’re ostracized, they’re boycotted, Israel’s being boycotted by industries all over the world because Israel is not a nice people.

And that whole mess on the other side of the world, I’m about to say something I could get canceled over. It’s not about that strip of property over there, it’s all about this. We hate the Jews and we want them all dead. I come against that and I’m now canceled because I come against that thought. People who are canceled get shunned, they lose their jobs, they get assaulted, and those things are acceptable to do toward them because they need to be canceled. There are people who are in Hollywood who have discovered Jesus and are boldly proclaiming the same. They can’t get an acting job. People who are wonderfully talented and celebrated in sports, take a knee for Jesus and they lose their opportunity to participate in sports. A young lady who was a champion swimmer was put up against a man who acted or portrayed himself as a woman because she said that guy should be a swimmer but he should participate against those of his own gender.

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