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It’s an interesting day for us just now. A new day in which we really feel prompted to exercise ourselves more in prayer. Certainly believing that through prayer, wonderful things will transpire. We’re becoming very much focused on the ministry of healing. Not just for the physical person, but for our mental, for our families, broken marriages, broken relationships. We really believe that the Lord wants to use us in that regard.

Without going into a lot of detail, there are others who now want to be a part of what we’re about to launch as a church. We’re launching a website called the House of Healings and Word is Getting Out course. I’m one who promotes and so now we’ve got Rick Pearson who was here last year giving us a prophecy conference. He will be here hopefully in the month of April to share with us again. He and I’ve had extensive conversations on the phone and he and I think so much alike. I’m not saying that I’m as gifted and as knowledgeable as he but when we talk about end times we are on the same page.

He has said, “Is there any chance that your church would pray for me? I need an army of prayer warriors.” So I shared with him what we’re about to do. We’re about to launch an on the internet prayer ministry and he got all excited. He said, “I want to be a part of it. I want to be a part of it.” Then Siegfried Tepper as he goes abroad to Germany and Japan, he’s going to be sending word back to us. I’m doing a sacred concert in such and such a place. I need prayer and everyone in our congregation will be welcome to become part of us.

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