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Lost & Found

What did you lose? An item that was irreplaceable? A keepsake? How disappointing! But then…
you find it! What a relief!

Everyone can tell a lost and found story. Life is filled with them.

Some losses come with tears. The passing of a dear old friend you shared life with. Finding someone who becomes a true friend is worth celebrating.

You can lose hope because of what happened or didn’t happen. Then along comes the flip side. You find something that is very fulfilling, energizing or inspiring.

There are times we’re at a loss as to what to do or say. Finding our way out of those situations isn’t always easy.

In the gospels, Jesus talked about life’s encounters with losing and finding. To those who took his words to heart they found it to be like nothing they’d ever heard before. He said, if we weren’t careful, we could get lost in our choices.

One time he summed it up like this, “What does it profit if you gain the whole world and lose who you were meant to be?”

Another time he shared, “Once you grasp the significance of what I’m saying about the life I’m talking about, you will be like the man who finds a treasure in a field and sells everything he has to buy the field.”

In a world screaming for your attention, trying to find what really matters doesn’t always come from the one who yells the loudest or is the most convincing.

Jesus wasn’t anything like those voices. He wasn’t searching for celebrity status or power as we think of power. He was more about helping us not to lose sight of those things that bring life to us.

At 20 Church, you’ll meet people who have lost and found stories. It’s in their life experiences you’ll find the teachings of Jesus coming to life.

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