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Heavenly Father, I pray that the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart will be acceptable to you now. I pray, Lord God, that these people will hear more than the words that I speak. May we experience a divine impartation of truth, and may that truth make a huge difference. We ask this mercy now in Jesus’ name, Amen.

It’s been a little while now since I spoke probably for, I think it was for Sundays in a row about the role of the rabbi and how Jesus came among the people and he called out some young men to follow Him. It’s the most interesting saga that those men never had hoped, never dreamed of, ever following a rabbi because to follow a rabbi meant that you would give up everything, literally sell out, as it were, follow him, breathe the same air, walk in the same dust with the hope that you would become like Him.

And the rabbi’s calling would be to instill in you that not only would you be able to mimic his thoughts, not only would you be able to repeat his interpretation of divine scripture, but that you like him would attract other young men to follow you and likewise that they would also do the same so that there would be a great army going forth that would carry out the traditions of the rabbi with the hopes that it would make a huge difference in the national future of Israel.

It was an amazing thing when Jesus said to those fishermen, follow me, in order to be a follower of a rabbi, you would have had to not quit school at the age of 12.That was the normal, that was the normal declared understanding. You will go to school until you’re 12.

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