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For those of you who are joining us, wherever you are, on the east coast, the west coast, and everywhere in between, we’re glad that you have joined us. And the people in the audience are wondering just who I’m talking to right now. But they’ll catch on shortly. So God bless you. Thank you for being here. Our prayers are with you too. I want to continue this morning with my thoughts about good old Abraham. And if you weren’t here last week, you’ll likely want to go back and look at my original thoughts from last week about this man. He’s known in the scriptures by the apostle as the father of us all. And that doesn’t mean that we’re Jewish, and it doesn’t mean that we’re to idolize him in any way, shape, or form. 

But Abraham led the way. He led the way on trusting God. But what I want to bring to your attention is this book does not hide any details whatsoever. And that’s because the walk of faith is a journey that at times comes with its struggles. And there will be times in your life and in mind when we come to a crossroads or a divide in the road, and we have to decide, what shall I do? It’s a decisive moment. And whatever decision you take, there is going to be probably an action involved. Sometimes just taking a decision is an action in its own. But oftentimes, taking a decision, you’ve decided to perform an action. And every action comes with consequences, good consequences, and not so good consequences. So I want to bring your attention, even before I read out of Genesis chapter 12, that the first 11 chapters of Genesis, they’re pretty well universal in terms of their focus. God creates the earth, and he forms man after his own image. That’s an important factor.

We were made after the image of God, and I won’t take the time to go into that. But we’re very much like him. But then we learn some other things. We learn about what disobedience does, because the Bible doesn’t hide the fact that the very first man that he created fell into sin, disobedience. We also learn, because of that man’s disobedience, we learn that God, first all, all that coming. And so it’s in the book of Genesis that we are introduced to the redemptive plan.

It also introduces to us in the first 11 chapters, again, universal concepts, in that we understand how the nations were formed. And so we also learn about the flood. But there’s no real significant characters. There are a couple of them coming along. But it’s when you get to Genesis chapter 12 that a very decisive moment is about to take place. A brand new chapter, this man that was created in the garden and fell into an act of disobedience. His disobedience was carried on by his own two sons, one of which murdered his brother.

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