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I’ve heard Worship only happens when we sing in church.
I hear comments like the worship was too loud,
or the worship was good, or the worship was great.
Now I believe that we ought to worship when we sing.
I think we’ve been doing that this morning.
We should worship also when we give our offerings.
We should worship in our fellowship.
We should worship in the hearing of the word,
because our word worship comes from an old
Anglo-Saxon word, worth, ship, which means to give worth to.
And whatever’s going on here this morning,
I want to give worth to the God who’s making it happen.
In more restrictive sense,
I suppose worship is directed to God himself.
The psalmist said, come let us worship and bow down.
Let us kneel before the Lord our maker.
But in its broader sense, it encompasses our entire living,
our whole lifestyle, our whole life purpose.
Paul says it is our reasonable service,
or our spiritual worship to present our bodies
as a living sacrifice.
And I’ll talk more about that later.
But there is a continuity of worship in scripture.
David and the psalms tell us the importance of worship.
Our conduct in worship, our posture in worship.
There’s a few examples as I read this morning,
Psalm 5, 7, I will worship toward your holy temple.
Again in 1999, exalt the Lord and worship at his footstool.
Again in 29, too, worship the Lord in the splendor
of his holiness.

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