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It’s so good to see you all this morning, and for those who might be joining in
from various parts on this planet, we welcome you as well, whether you’re watching us in real time right now, or if you’re watching us at some other time, and we invite you to kind of shop around on our website and you’ll find other video recordings of teachings and teachings that might be of value to your soul. Feel free to mark our little website as something that you would subscribe to as a little place to put, subscribe. That helps us. And then put in their like. Now, if you don’t like what I say today, there’s no place for you to put, I don’t like. So you just get that out of your head right now. I want you to know that I consider the opportunity to stand up here and hold this very sacred book in my hand.

I consider it a great privilege and an honor, and I do not take this lightly. And therefore, I go on to the next challenge, and that is, so I get something in my head in my heart, and it works around in there. And then I try to prepare to present to you in a logical way that kind of sows together and makes sense. And then I find out that I’ve got reams and reams, pages of it’s not stuff, it’s truths. And then how to condense it all down and to make it work. I’m complaining this morning, it isn’t getting anywhere, getting anywhere, is it?

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