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Please be comfortably seated. We’ll be beginning to go on the internet just at any
moment. And for those of you who are tuning in on the internet, you’re going to hear a third in this series of messages that I prepared and I’m preparing on Jacob. And if you missed the first two, you’ll want to go back and watch them because it’ll sort of help you to grapple with, you know, I’m even going to share today. I dare to make an announcement right now that today I’m not politically, no, I’m not really very much inclined to be politically correct. And I know that’s going to throw a little bit of fear in some of you.

But I’m very troubled with what’s happening in the whole world. We shuddered, I guess we did. I was born in the year that the allies defeated the Nazi regime in Germany. And so I, of course, I missed out in witnessing. But since then, I have visited several of the death camps. The first time I went to a death camp was in Poland. And I was preaching a series of meetings in Poland in a number of churches. And after I visited Auschwitz, I couldn’t eat.

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