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Interesting to note, there’s an anticipation on the earth right now among God’s people that Jesus is coming soon. 

I think about when a family is anticipating the entrance of a new soul into their home, the form of a baby, the excitement rises and rises and rises and a crib is purchased and showers are thrown for the expectant mother, the excitement gets quite incredible. And then that moment I remember when April bore our first child, I went berserk, I was there with her when she was going through the labor pains, I jumped in my car, I raced to the college, these are college days, I raced into the third year class, interrupted Dr. G.F. Adder. That was not a good move. 

His name is on this pulpit down here, this pulpit was built by Tom Johnstone and then an addition was made on top for Brother Adder, it says so right there. I ran into this class and said, stop! You got to go into prayer, my wife is dying. Well, she’s crying and doing what ladies do and I’m not making fun of you, I’ve had a couple of kidney stones myself. But what about the anticipation in heaven? What if my grandmother, my grandfather, what if my parents are aware? Wow. What if, like I’m so excited for so many reasons about heaven, some of my excitement is to see my folks, to see the people who made an impression upon my life. They must be anticipating as well.

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