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Well, I’m back talking about Jacob again. I just can’t leave this fellow alone. And I’m looking at the book of Genesis chapter 32, and I’m going to start reading in a moment at verse 22. But before I do, it’s important that I sort of set this up and help us catch up. We know that Jacob’s grandfather was Abraham. We know that he knew him personally. And that tells me that Abraham had to have imparted to Jacob’s heart and life, the promises of God. Richly he would have ported into Jacob’s life. Jacob even had his own birth.

Something was going on in his spirit because he was reaching out and hanging on to Esau’s heel. He saw being the firstborn. Rightfully would be the inheritor of all of his daddy’s belongings. But he also would be by the fact that he was the firstborn. He would have been carrying on the lineage that had the promise hanging over it. All the nations will be blessed because of your seed. There’s no question in my mind whatsoever that he had an understanding that he was a man of destiny. And you all are people of destiny. God had a plan for his life.

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