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just a few hours ago, as he tracked the biblical prophecies out of Daniel, and he actually
had it all figured out in terms of the actual number of years, months, and days.
It was quite almost a little boring at some points, but he was endeavoring to lay it out
and show that without beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Lord’s coming is clearly marked.
Now the Bible says, nobody knows.
The day or the hour.
But there are true signatures, especially in the prophetic books of the Bible.
There’s a reason they’re there.
It talks about the weeks.
It talks about the years.
There’s a reason that they’re there.
There were reasons why there was prophetic words indicating what town Jesus the Messiah
would be born in, what family he would be born of.
And we can get pretty weary of reading the genealogies.
You can get very troubled reading those, but they are sacred.
And if you follow the genealogies, it’s absolutely incredible.
And so the prophetic teachings of God’s Word about the soon rapture of the church is just
And I never heard this before as this fellow tracked it down, but he actually tracked it
down in the Scripture right down to the month of the year and the day when Israel in 1948
and the month of May became a nation.
Jesus predicted that would come and he said, this generation shall not pass before I come.
Which generation?