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This is like being in an old gospel tent meeting here, isn’t it? Praise the Lord I remember who else is off in the sunny climates and that’s Cheryl who sits right up here. She’s a rascal she takes off far too often. We never know where she’s going to go. And she’s down in Cuba or someplace like that. She’s got some friends. They love to travel together. And friends are important. Always cultivate friendships. And so happy for her, happy for her, and for whoever else became rebellious and took off. Thank you.

You know what she just did. She, this is Ali, she just confirmed her spirit bear’s witness. She confirms that after the message in tongues, brother here gave the interpretation and she’s saying that was of the Lord. That was of the Lord. And I told somebody the story the other night when I was at a camp meeting, I was just a teenager. And at that time, I was serving God to the best of my ability at the time. I was at a camp meeting in a place called Braeside. And my favourite evangelist was there. His name is Jack West. And Jack was known to preach often about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was one of his trademarks.

And in that meeting was a friend of mine. We were Sunday school buddies. His name is Dale. And Dale had been at the altar so many times in our church. There were about 40 of us teenagers who got the baptism of the Holy Spirit in one week, every night in the church. It was an amazing thing. That’s when I received that glorious immersion in the Holy Spirit. But Dale had missed out. And just a little discouraged he was. But in that meeting at the conclusion, Jack West invited people to come to the altar, and people did. And as is the habit, it’s a normal thing.

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