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When in pain, feel sorrow, depression, come and meet our Pastor

It’s not uncommon in the world we live in, especially in today’s society, communications and social media exploitation, and the loss of common sense we have all around us … that at work, play, school, and sometimes at home we need a friendly ear to help bring some semblance, indeed .. balance to our situations.

So much conflicting information inundates us from every direction. Constant, incessant, compromised data and direction even from our leaders, and even our scientists just infuriates our calm, and destroys our peace. Suddenly, we are easy to offend, easy to annoy and easy to upset and anger. We NEED a calming counsel. A gentile word, directing us to what is really most important in our lives … God, Family, Relationships. Our pastoral staff are ready and most willing to help find the answers we seek.

Understanding how to read the Word of God is essential in your growth as a Christian. Today, it is even more imperative we read the Word, learn to study the Word correctly, and Learn from it’s amazing centuries proven lessons and teaching. It’s interesting how the more we read the Word, the more we talk and speak to others, in our daily lives, about what we read that day. It is simple, as the Word instills us with His Wisdom and Knowledge of the ages, we are enriched, and with that, we want more.

after just a short visit and closing prayer my burden is so much lighter …

Cindy S.

So in today’s climate of conflict and uncertainty, we are stressed beyond measure, have more ailments and hindrances than ever before and have recently endured the uncontrolled stress of a world pandemic. The isolation, loneliness and conflicting, sometimes lacking common sense of the directions we received, and the upset of our daily routine, indeed our lives, regarding school, relationships, marriages, and events postponed or entirely missed, as we silently but angrily secluded ourselves. Forced to stop visiting family and loved ones, missing funerals, and weddings, birthdays and even having to endure the hardship of facing family and friends passing, pushed into making arrangements by phone yet never to see our loved ones again. In this environment of empty roads, empty schools, and empty lives we are in Need of answers, solutions to a plethora of personal issues. The one thing of which I am certain, is that the Word of God has answers for all the unanswered and confusing questions of our lives, and there are caring people like our Pastor Dave who are always available to meet with us and pray with us …. God cares About You, and We care About you Too.

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