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So I have three portions of Scripture. I’m not going to read them all. I’m just going to reference them for you tonight. So the first would be in Genesis, the first book. And I bring to your attention something that you already know that the entire universe was designed, crafted, created by the spoken word of God. We know that and the Lord said, and it was done and the Lord said, and it was done and the Lord said, whatever God says, it’s actually a prophetic word. When God speaks, something is about to happen. That was intriguing when we read in the Gospel of John chapter 1.

It says, in the beginning, the word was with God. The word was God. And the word of God created all things. Well, that’s verifying what we just referenced in Genesis chapter 1. But it was the word of God that created all of these things that we know of. And when the Lord spoke it in the book of Genesis, He continuously said, after He spoke it, it came into existence and God went on to say and look upon it and exclaim, now that’s good until He got to the man and then the Lord had second thoughts. He said, now this is not so good. And the lady said, ha ha. So it’s also very intriguing in John’s Gospel chapter 1 that it was the word of God that came to dwell among us. 

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