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News, just within the last 48 hours. This is really not a political thing, it’s a satanic thing. And I did hear a lady by the name of Talab. She’s very boastful about her lifestyle. She’s a Palestinian. She got elected to the Congress of the U. S. of A. Now she’s having a great influence upon all of them. And I heard her myself speaking through a microphone in front of a television crew when she shouted, Israel has no right to exist. Islam rules and Islam was a Jacob Israel. And Islam has only been around for a few years. Judaism, the people of Israel, predate Islam by between 3,000 and 4,000 years. So we’ll just leave that where it is. And I just want to read a portion this morning with you out of the book of Genesis. And this is the story that leaps past the latter story.

We’re going to go back in a few moments and retrace the steps of Jacob and Jacob’s family indeed. But we’re going to move on now just for a few minutes to Genesis chapter 32 and beginning to read at 22. It says, he took his family and he sent them over the brook. And he was sent over in verse 24, Jacob was left alone. Jacob feared his brother, Esau, and for a very good reason. And he had spent some 20 years away from the family and away from the promised land. He felt he was forced to do so because he’d made some very, very serious errors and it was causing him grief and his own brother was out to kill. And that was a matter of fact. So here he is a fugitive. He’s on the run. He’s had that moment with Jacob’s ladder as we come to know it. Then he spends 20 years with Laban, who’s actually a close blood relative of Rebecca. And now he has a family. He’s very good with goods. He earned all and most of all of those goods and riches by trickery.

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