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Ymay be joining us even now from hither and yawn. We trust that that our thoughts this morning,
the things that you hear and observe will be a source of blessing to you and be encouraged as
young people all over the world are experiencing a renewal. Many of them have never known anything
about the Lord and suddenly they have an intimate relationship with Him. It’s happening by the
thousands sweeping across America and I’m not hearing about a whole lot in our own country as
yet, but the sure is God made, little green apples. It’s going to happen in our country as well in
my prayer is. Do it right here, Lord. Just start it right here and I can tell you it’s broken out
in the Philippines. It’s broken out in Uganda and most likely it’s hard to keep up but it’s
probably spreading literally all over the world. There’s a wonderful move of God and it’s among
teenagers. It’s among young people and why would young people be reaching out and trying searching
for God? Because us adults have messed it up. We’ve messed up the world. We’ve confused them
about their sexuality. We’ve confused them about what’s right, about what’s wrong. What used to be
good is now called horrible. What was horrible is now called good. If you’re white, you’re a
supremacist. It’s just and now the world is preparing for the Third World War. Young people are filled
with anxiety and fear. Thank God they’re turning towards the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God for that.

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