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Okay, well, it’s great to see a lot of people here. You know what? I’m not
moved by small numbers or large numbers because it’s all about Jesus. Amen? It’s not about me. It’s
not about you. It’s all about him. And if you know me, I always call the Lord Daddy. I have ever since I
was young.
It’s a relationship I have with my Heavenly Father. So if you hear me say Daddy or Papa, that’s just
my love for the Lord. That’s. . . I had a wonderful father growing up. I know this is Mother’s Day, but
he was such an example to me. My relationship with my Heavenly Father just exudes that love for my
Heavenly Daddy. So right now, I’m just going to do something.
I’m four years old and I really love my one Jesus. Smart, you know? I made my mom, you know? She
doesn’t know a lot, but she’s not too bad. 14, yeah, whatever mom. Hello. 20. Wow, mom. I’m off to
university and I really think, you know, it’d be really nice to talk to you about a few things. 35. Oh,
mom, he’s a kid. How did you ever do it with five kids and work and do everything? Anything else?
Wow. 50. Oh, mom. I need so many answers and I wish you could answer them.

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