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Good morning. This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. you may be seated. Bless your word unto our hearts And magnify your name And all God’s people said . .  Amen. You may be seated if you don’t stop worshiping. Isn’t it good to be in God’s house today? We are going to talk about the sacrament of service This thought came to me around Easter time Because we celebrate the foot washing of Jesus during that holy week And at that particular point I had been asked to speak at the funeral of a man that John and I had learned to love and who was a servant indeed and thinking about service I couldn’t just stop with his message I had to sit down and write this out And if I read it this morning. Because I’m just a little distracted these days But I intentionally Entitled my message using the word sacrament Now I know what we mean when we usually use this word The dictionary defines it as one of the Christian ceremonies Like Eucharist or the communion But I studied Latin for five years in high school I have no idea why, but I did And I found out something about sacramentum It simply means things that are holy And that deserve reverence It’s akin to our word sacred Service people when it springs from love And is carried out in Jesus name.

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