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thin pancake. How many forgive me? Will you forgive me? I forgive you, Pastor. Somebody
else can say, help him, Jesus. Okay. I’ve known Bonnie and Perry for a long, long time.
We won’t tell how long because I don’t want you to know my age. And so this lady and
Perry have been a part of David and April’s life off and on over the years. And we are
so blessed as a congregation to have them with us. Perry is up in the balcony just
now and he’s going to be recording. And Perry, I don’t know if you can launch it
ahead. Can you do that for her today? He says yes. So, ladies and gentlemen, won’t
you welcome a lovely mother today who’s going to bring the Word of God to us.
Give her a warm welcome. Well, good morning and happy Mother’s Day to every mother and
grandmother here in the house.