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I struggled all this week for obvious reasons as to what I should say in this pulpit. I’m  determined not to talk about the atrocities. We’ve heard enough about that. And someone would say, we’ll never hear enough. It’s debilitating to a person’s soul to hear about such ugliness and such terror. And now, of course, the follow through has to be the mopping up and the destruction of the terrorists. And of course, the whole world’s going to turn against Israel now. We know that and we just have to anticipate it. I work so hard at preparing some things. I found quite a list. 

You can find them on the Internet if you look in the right place. Quite a list of the different outfits. I don’t know what else to call them. Empires, small empires. Who owned that thing called the Gaza Strip, and who owned or who controlled Israel? The list was so long over the centuries that I just determined, I’m not going to read all that off to you. But for somebody to say, this is ours. They never had it until it was given to them, the Gaza Strip in 2005. They never had it before. And they were not content with that. So I just say this much. The war that’s going on is not about Gaza. Gaza is a convenient hotspot. It’s about something else. And I’m going to share that with you today.