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Well, there’s an interesting topic for you. Who was Jimmy Barnes? I know you’re all wondering who Jimmy was. Is anybody else this morning concerned? Who was Jimmy Barnes? Why would you even wonder about such a thing? The topic will make sense to you as we move along for a little bit. Why would I even name it that? Because it’s significant in a number of ways. And it’s a way for you to remember when we’re all finished here. Somebody, not just one, but I’ve heard this so many times, people will hear a message from their pastor from whatever and late in the afternoon. Somebody say, how was your church?

Oh, it was great. What did the pastor speak on? And they can’t even remember. And so some messages go over like a dull thud. Well, at least you’ll remember the topic and then you can go back onto the internet because it’ll be recorded there and saved for you. At least you’ll know you’re looking for Jimmy Barnes. All right? So that’s the first topic I know. But actually I want to speak this morning about affirmation. And are you waving at me up there? You’re not way. Are we on the internet now?

There’s no way for me to. . . Okay, we’re on. So welcome Bill and Annette and Daryl and Elsie and whoever else is out there listening in. We trust that you’ll be blessed today and you’ll be excited to know by the end of this service you’ll know who Jimmy Barnes is. Everybody is sitting here with bated breath. So we’re going to go back first of all into the scriptures and consider what Isaiah said about Jesus. The service is always about Jesus. Read it out loud with me, if you will, even just at this time.

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