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in different circumstances, teach, expound on this little story, which is the greatest
story ever told. And it’s all about how Jesus came into the city riding on a donkey, not addressed in
royal attire. He arrived, listen to this, he arrived unannounced on a donkey, unannounced.
Nobody knew he was coming. But a great crowd suddenly was paying him great attention. Interesting, interesting that there were 12 gates and there are to this day 11 gates that are open on that city.

The 12th gate is called the Eastern Gate. That’s the gate that the word tells us, the Bible tells
us, and when Jesus comes back again, he will go through the Eastern Gate.
Our wonderful friends, the Arab Muslims, don’t believe that Jesus is coming back, don’t believe
that they have to worry about the Eastern Gate. But just in case they’ve bricked it up solid
to stop Jesus from going through that gate.

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